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ER1TS Blade

                                  An extreme heel and toe
                                 weighted flare-back blade.

                                           • Red Pistol Grip
                                           • Right Hand Only

                           TourStroke Trainer

                           Stroke path putting trainer for all skill levels.

                       Practice Mode

                       Instantly feel the perfect putting stroke. Set the putter 1” behind the
                       ball. Then practice putting to the hole. You will automatically have
                       a shorter takeaway. You will maintain a square putter face through
                       impact and release the putter longer on the follow through.

                       Player Mode

                       As a gamer, place the head directly behind the ball. This places
                       your hands forward and presets your right wrist. Because the entire
                       putter head is 1¼” away from the shaft the TourStroke has an
                       effective MOI of 20,000. Unheard of stability. Amazing accuracy.

                                                         • Red Pistol Grip
                                                         • Right Hand Only

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