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                                           Safe, Touchless Golf Gourse Products
                                 Keeping golfers safe by limiting contact with on-course accessories is the new normal.
                                Not touching the  agstick or the cup have become a necessity. We have worked quickly
                             with our suppliers to get new products that can help all golf courses practice safe, touchless golf.

                 Safety Cup
                 * Reduces contact
                 * 1.5" deep cup can be used in 2 positions
                   1.  Place the "Safety Cup" on top of the existing cup. The "Safety Cup" will be about 1/2" above the turf. When a ball strikes the
                        “Safety Cup” it is considered "holed".  Requires no contact with the cup or  ag to pick up the ball.

                   2. Invert the Safety Cup and place down into the cup. Original cup liner should beat at least 1.5" below the turf. This now a
                       "shallow cup" and players can still "sink" a putt, but the ball will remain just below the turf for less contact.


                 Cup Saver Ball Retriever
                 * Reduce  agstick and cup contact for safety
                 * Made from a super light, durable
                     ST26540  -  3/8" Cup Saver Ball Retriever

                  ST26550   -  1/2" Cup Saver Ball Retriever


                 * Remove golf balls without damaging the cup.
                 * Retriever connects to the bottom of the  agstick
                    with a "snap in place" mechanism.
                 * Lift  agstick up and golf balls come up with it.
                 * Made from a super light, durable polymer.
                 * Instructions
                 1.     Sit riser in cup
                 2.     Flex Cup Saver open and slip onto  agstick
                 3.     Insert  agstick into cup
                 The ball will fall approximately 1 inch into the hole,
                 leaving easily and safely retrieved.


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